Of Cuts & Cubans

Hats off and glasses raised to the spectacular Penny Wong for her honest, right in the nuts speech on the 14th of May.

In case anyone missed the stunningly rare event of an honest politician (and the truly beautiful demystification & defenestration of Joe Hockey’s insulting & quality of life ruining budget), I have it here for your viewing pleasure.

If you haven’t watched this, you need to click play now.


If you have a social conscience, an interest in politics, a job, a family, a disability, an illness, a pension, are a woman, are middle class or lower, are studying, are considering studying, are having trouble finding a job, are close to retirement, are likely to need financial assistance ever, are likely to need a doctor, own a car or buy groceries and are an Australian citizen then this is virtually guaranteed to leave you positively seething with rage at the ineptitude and criminally blatant misconduct of our current administration.


Comments from Abbott supporters will be immediately deleted as I have no 
interest in hearing from anyone in possession of either a complete 
lack of decency or an IQ lower than my shoe size.

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