I was going to title this page something along the lines of ‘Shit I Wish I’d Learnt In High School Instead Of Pythagorean Theory & Other Crap I’ll Never Use Outside Of Pub Trivia Nights’ but it was a little too long for my menu bar.

As such…

Here is my ever-growing list of answers (often by people much smarter than me) to questions I didn’t even know I should ask until not knowing became a massive hassle of previously unprecedented proportions.

Help!  I’m Getting Screwed By…

My Landlord/Real Estate Agent: ACT,  NSW,  Vic,  QLD,  SA,  WA,  Tas,  NT.

My Phone/Internet Company –  Telecommunications Ombudsman

My Boss/Supervisor/Employer – Fair Trading*

*Also useful for disputes with Rental Boards and Gas & Electricity companies.

My Bank/Credit Union/Loan Holder – Financial Services

The Government/Police/Defence Force/Tax Office/Postal Service/ Immigration – Commonwealth Ombudsman

Money Makes The World Go ‘Round

How Do I Do A Tax Return? –  ATO

How Do I check My Credit Rating? –  ASIC

How Do I Check My HECS Debt? – Study Assist

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