Of Cuts & Cubans

Hats off and glasses raised to the spectacular Penny Wong for her honest, right in the nuts speech on the 14th of May.

In case anyone missed the stunningly rare event of an honest politician (and the truly beautiful demystification & defenestration of Joe Hockey’s insulting & quality of life ruining budget), I have it here for your viewing pleasure.

If you haven’t watched this, you need to click play now.

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50 Reasons Why I Am A Feminist.


I was asked pretty recently why I’m a feminist, and, while I was staring at the asker in confusion (because shouldn’t it be obvious?), the question was immediately followed by “I mean, women can vote and shit, isn’t the whole equal rights thing sorta handled?”

I was absolutely stunned… Women can vote and shit. Because obviously that is the be all and end all of equal rights, we can vote! What else could we possibly want? I literally face-palmed so hard I’m surprised I didn’t leave an actual handprint.

So, to make up for being too shocked to give a concise answer, here, in no particular order, are fifty reasons…

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