Words Of Wisdom #1


I’m not even kidding, you think you wont need one and you’ll be okay but it’s not like that at all.

I have spent the last 10 days literally down with the sickness. I am a zombified hotbed of contagion with the creepiest of death rattles and a second course of, as yet, completely unhelpful antibiotics.

I am consistently  overdosing on cough syrup and psuedoephedrine in the hopes of maybe being able to breathe just long enough to sleep, and let me tell you now, it’s not working. There is no rest to be had here.

The moral of this story? Spend $17 at a chemist and get inoculated.

This hell is absolutely something to avoid.

This public service announcement was brought to you by the girl with no immune system.


Real Women

I am really sick of all of these “Real Women Have…” posts and memes. You’ve seen them, they’re all Real Women Have Curves and Real Women Wear Lipstick.

Maybe some do, maybe some don’t.

But who the hell are you to say what constitutes a real woman?

Is it not bullshit enough that we have to justify our worth to society at large, now we have to do so to each other too?,

If you’re real (not a figment of someones imagination) and you identify as a woman (regardless of your chromosomes, genitalia or sexual orientation) then congrats…

You’re a real woman.

It’s not that fucking complicated.


Right now I’m up to my neck in packing boxes and feeling a bit like I’m squatting in my own apartment.
Taping up all the trappings of my life and wondering where the hell I’m even going to send them when my lease ends.
Another address I’ll forget in another city I’ll leave behind in another year I’ll feel like I wasted.

Just another in a long list of places that I never knew how to make home.