Really? All of Them?

I really think that the worst thing about signing up to anything online has got to be the user/account/blog name. Take wordpress for (the currently humbling) example…

I woke up this afternoon and decided today will be the day I start a blog. This is the solution for my ever persistent writer’s block. I have all these cool title and name ideas, I’ve got a basic (read: incredibly vague) idea of what I want for my content, I’m all sweet, I’ve got this. So, brimming with bravado I signed up, or rather tried to. Eleven, ELEVEN, choose your blog name attempts later and it’s becoming increasingly clear that I don’t got this. Or rather, somebody else got this first…Eleven somebody’s with eleven different ideas.

Eleven people who have already had my creative and original (or so I thought) blog names. And that’s just the ones who managed to use them before they got sniped by yet another someone with the same idea.

For a moment it got me thinking like some introspective existentialist… Are there really any new ideas? Is it all just about getting in first? Am I not as original or creative as I thought I was? Do I sound really pretentious asking this? And there was my stupidly obvious answer… Yes. I do sound pretentious and so did all of my ideas.

So I stopped, put down my iPad and went to make a cup of tea while resisting the urge to bang my head against the wall. Of course they were taken, they were flashy and attention-grabby and not particularly me at all. They were titles for people with something to say and stories to tell and some idea of what the hell they’re doing.

I don’t know what I’m doing 99% of the time. Sometimes I maybe have an idea, on good days I’m almost pretty sure but mostly I’m just lost and faking it.

And right there, that was my moment of inspiration, that is what I can write about. Being stuck in maybe, just aiming for almost.

WordPress sign up take two, New blog name accepted first try.

Well, I guess I better write something…