Words Of Wisdom #1


I’m not even kidding, you think you wont need one and you’ll be okay but it’s not like that at all.

I have spent the last 10 days literally down with the sickness. I am a zombified hotbed of contagion with the creepiest of death rattles and a second course of, as yet, completely unhelpful antibiotics.

I am consistently  overdosing on cough syrup and psuedoephedrine in the hopes of maybe being able to breathe just long enough to sleep, and let me tell you now, it’s not working. There is no rest to be had here.

The moral of this story? Spend $17 at a chemist and get inoculated.

This hell is absolutely something to avoid.

This public service announcement was brought to you by the girl with no immune system.


Some Like It Minimalist

I’ve been going through a purge, a cleansing of the soul if you will. Okay, so maybe not my soul but I’m choosing to believe that it’ll be a healthy byproduct of de-cluttering and cleaning out the rest of my life.

I’ve become utterly obsessed with the idea of a minimalist lifestyle, which probably comes as a surprise to anyone that knows me all that well because I am the worst kind of pack-rat. I’m the kind that throws away just enough to justify buying twice as much.

It’s a vicious circle of consumerism and retail therapy and poor impulse control.

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The C Word


Beyond the obvious and my issues with hypoglycaemia, I’ve never really given all that much thought to my physical health. It’s always been my mental health that’s caused me problems and in the mess that is my tenuous and hard won illusion of normality there wasn’t really space in my head to focus on much else. Sure I get sick, but a few weeks of grumpy sniffling and a course of antibiotics and I’m fine.

Now though, I’m thinking about it. It’s all I’m thinking about, because I am in the middle of my first real health scare. Continue reading The C Word